Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Quickie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Ladies and Gents, you all know how I throw my hands up in the air at your quick makes!!! well guess what? I've done one of my own!!! My Son asked if I could make him a card for a friend today,! 15mins later....and in between watching Shipwrecked!! I came up with this! Hallelujah for PB stickeroos thats all I've got to say!! A bit of Laura Ashley, CB stamp and my trusty tea leaves chalk!


WeirdCat said...

Wow that's fab, must search out my stickerooos, I forgot how good they were

Paul said...

Congrats on your quick make, looks great as always - and nice to see another shipwrecked fan - COME ON THE TIGERS!!!

Pauline said...

Heavens above Glenda - 15 mins!! - it'd take me that long to find the stickeroos let alone anything else. Wonderful card and I just love that LA paper.

Holly said...

i love your card the hedgehogs are very cute :)
I have something for you on my blog
Holly x

Sue said...

great card and i too love PB stickeroos:-)


gailscraftyplace said...

Great card Glenda, I'm such a sucker for the pb Hedgies, they're so cute. Gorgeous. Gail xx